15 Hollywood Couples Who Fell In Love On Set

Who knew Cupid had a thing for making people fall in love while acting together? Well, he does. And here’s a list of all those actors who suddenly had sparks…

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Run for your life 4 Types of men you need to run from !

Note: this article is solely based on  girlfriends talk from almost- normal independent girls from Cairo. 1- “el-7alazona Yamma el -7alazona” ! The downtown intellectual. They are everywhere but you…

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I Don’t Want #RelationshipGoals

When I meet the right person I don’t want everyone to know about it at first. I want it to be a part of my life I can quietly tuck…

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Lunch at Left Bank. Dinner means it’s a date and even if it’s a date, don’t make it seem a date by keeping it as casual as possible in a nice…

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Chiara Ferragni Is Pregnant: The Blonde Salad Announced She’s Expecting Her First Child with Fiancé Fedez

Chiara Ferragni–It girl, vlogger, and fashion influencer with nearly 11 million followers on Instagram–will soon be able add another job to her title: mother. She and her fiancé Fedez, an…

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Ranking The Zodiac Signs By Who Is Most Likely To End Up Alone

1. Aquarius No surprise here, known as the ghost of the zodiac. Aquarius can end up alone, because they are the most secure with themselves out of all the other…

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