These Two Egyptian Producers Are Dominating the Music Scene by Sandwaves!

The trance/house music scene in Egypt has been growing and spreading among youngsters; And Egyptian DJs aren’t disappointing us with awesome tracks that not only are dominating the clubbing scene worldwide, but also the international music charts.

Sandwaves“, a progressive house track by two phenomenal local DJs,  made its way to number 6 worldwide on Beatport charts; among international big names.

Arrab and Black 8, the creators behind the masterpiece, have teamed together more than a year ago to cook up music tracks that can literally invade the House scene by storm; they released “Virus”, a track that scored the 32nd place in the top 100 charts on Beatport.

Arrab is an aspiring local DJ and music producer who blesses our nights with his hit segment “party protocol” on Nile FM, one of the leading radio channels in the region, under the name DJ Vega. Black 8 is as well a prestigious music producer in the region with a quite reputation with big labels in the industry.

The due teamed up again to create, yet, another hit. “Sandwaves” was actually released 10 months ago, and has been circulating the decks around the globe ever since; Prominent DJs and music producers have been playing it in countries like Brazil, Argentine, USA, Cuba and basically everywhere.  The song, then, was officially released on the 23rd of March exclusively on BeatPort and later on different digital stores.

“It is such a huge thing to me to be among all these international artists, especially in the progressive house genre”, said Arrab, expressing his excitement and happiness on the incredible success of “SandWaves” and how much it means to him to be recognized by international music labels.

“We are already working on other tracks”, Arrab told us, “We are also aiming to release, at least, one major hit every year”.

And seriously we can’t wait for the new releases!


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