Single Enzely 3al Gym

El 7enayen “ matshedish 3ala nafsak keda laygelak robat saliby”

We all know that guy who comes to you and wipes your sweat and tells you “You are just perfect and you don’t need to workout aslan”. We girls, aren’t attracted to this type of guys because we want the ones who challenge us to be our best. We don’t want the lovey dovey type. Dude keep your advice for yourself.  I know better than you what I am up to.

El Coach “ 3ala fekra ana single w enta 3azim ya coach”

That coach who is followed by all girls on instagram and they go to his classes just to hook up with him and flirt. I think you girls can name many of these guys now).  Can you imagine that this hot coach comes to you to help you out for a happy squat or jump with you for burpees. Coach I swear I am the luckiest to have you telling me what to do and what not. P.S.” I Love You Coach” .

El Wa7sh “ hadid hadid hadid”

Imagine you going to the gym after a full working day and you start to work out very quietly and all of a sudden you hear “3AAAAHHHHHH” you look around you and you hear another sound effect “AHHHHHHH” and El wa7sh appears. He is lifting heavy weights, you keep looking at him you see all the muscles you have ever imagined in one person with strong facial expression like someone is killing him. He will never turn around and look at you actually he is not into you, he is into breaking his old record and achieving a new record today. All of a sudden you wake up and begin to get into the workout mood and say out loud “ 3ash ya wa7sh”

Tshoufy t2ouli okhtek “ cute aktar menak”

In these days we have guys around us who are very cute. Those cutie pies go to the gym too,  but girls they take care of themselves more than you do. They go to the gym with a matchy matchy outfit and with their cosmetics and yes they are looking for guys exactly as you do.

Don’t get very frustrated they gotta be your best friends more than your girl friends maybe.

Don’t get very frustrated they gotta be your best friends more than your girl friends maybe.EL Tenak …. ANA 3AREF ENY MOZZ 3ALA FEKRA 

After giving up on that gym and being almost hopeless to find someone to hook up with at that venue you go face washed and almost with PJs.
All of a sudden you find the hottest guy you have ever seen in your entire life with all the perfection you wished in life. But Hey Hey he is Tenak Tenak and one more Tenak. He even doesn’t look at you regardless of all the tricks you are trying to do and all tips you got from your best friends. There
is no way that he would even look. So after so many trials you say “TOZ FEEK”

El Mlaza2

You know it is this type of guys who put tanning oil on the beach to obtain tan having his muscles coming out from all over his body. You find him at the gym with a wet hair look, looking for any girl to hook up with as if he wants to say to all females “Hey I am cool”. You should stay away from this type simply because after your first message together you will get a message saying “enty 3assal awy” And then you feel like OMG have I been waiting all that time for this guy to come and tell me that ??! Is this really my level of dating??!

So spending a couple of hours in 7assrah and getting tones of messages from him, YOU GIVE HIM EL BLOCK EL MATEEN.

7abib El banat kolaha “ hi I am social “

That guy who go to the gym just to take selfies and mirror pictures in the gym to show everyone that he goes to the gym.  And “ YEAH DUDE I AM AN Athlete” “ I HAVE MY BIE AND TRIE AND YES THOSE ARE THE SIX PACKS”.

He will just come to you to socialize and you feel something is weird and all of a sudden you find yourself invited on all his social media platforms and even he will start to have an Insta story or snapchat with you. For you hiding your face telling him “No No I don’t look good now” and just run to save your life.

To sum it up we can say that the gym is not the best hub to date. You will find out a lot of disasters and we are trying to prepare you for the different types of guys you will meet there just for you not to be surprised.

Good Luck Ladies


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