H&M Is In Trouble

The very well known Retailer H&M is facing a real crisis in the United States and Canada after its latest winter campaign. The Retailer was criticized for racism and mocking black people.  The Retailer featured a little black boy with a hoodie wrote on it “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” and on the other side featured a white little boy with another hoodie with “mangrove jungle survival expert”.

The Swedish brand faced a crisis on social media all over the world, describing the campaign as racist, inappropriate, negligent, and disgusting. The criticism and attack were supported by the Canadian pop star “The Weekend” who has a line under his name with H&M. He claimed that he will stop working with the retailer.

H&M spokesperson apologized and agreed that people are rightfully upset, and stated that it was unintentional. They removed the picture from the website and all the Retailer channels. On the other hand, the tweets never stopped carrying accusations demanding boycotting the brand.

H&M sales report for the first quarter of the year showed a decline in the sales matrix.  We really wonder how would H&M pass this crisis? And will they regain their affected reputation or not ?!!!


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