30 things you learn before your 30

30 things you learn before your 30:

  1. To put yourself first
  2. You prefer having 3-4 real friends better than numerous fake ones
  3. Partying is not happiness
  4. Trust your gut
  5. Never say too much to your work mates
  6. There is no fairytales in real life
  7. The more connections the more side talks you will get
  8. Travelling is your therapy
  9. Visiting a therapist is a routine
  10. No one and nothing will stay forever
  11. Everything can be changed in a blink of an eye
  12. Even your shadow leaves you in the dark
  13. The more you achieve the more you will get fake people around you
  14. Money can buy temporary happiness
  15. Your childhood dreams are not your dreams anymore
  16. The fancy life on Instgram is fake
  17. You wish to live on an island with your loved ones
  18. Karma works 24/7 in your life
  19. Accept people as they are
  20. Shopping is better than crying over things
  21. You learn to live & let live
  22. Love needs courage
  23. Everyone is fighting his/her own battle
  24. Giving is gaining
  25. Sometimes it is better to stay silent
  26. Learn to let go
  27. Having a movie night at home is better than going out
  28. Laugh as long as you can
  29. Take a lot of pictures because memories last more than people
  30. MR. & MRS. Perfect don’t exist


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